Elephant in the Room


Hi friends! It feels like there is an elephant in the room and its not just the one on my necklace! It has officially been forever since I have blogged but not a day goes by that I haven’t thought about the site and my little blogosphere fam. I could go into detail justifying my reasons for not writing, but that is probably just my alcoholic brain getting defensive because frankly, I feel guilty! What is that saying…we are great at starting things but not necessarily following through? Well, I am not finished with writing, but sadly with everything filling my life right now, blogging has been put on the back burner. (If only I could do that with my real job! Kidding.) This really is so dear to me and it is special to have my first year or so of sobriety chronicled in a unique way. I especially love the dialogue that I got to have with you in the comments and your stories and blogs continue to amaze me! When inspiration comes, this will be the first place I turn to. xo A


Happy Happy!

Happy Easter…and Happy Passover! I can’t believe my last post was March 19th. I will try to update this week. Time flies when I stop thinking of myself and focus on others! Hope everyone is wonderful! xoxo A


IMG_1794 IMG_1796

If you are in recovery chances are you have heard the saying keep in simple. In the past year I have heard this so often I’ve become somewhat desensitized to it, simply a motto splashed on posters, journals, even Instagram feeds. As life has gotten more hectic I have found myself thinking why do things feel so complicated? Then I realized; being alcoholic, I tend to over-think things, from what to write, what to eat, what curtain rods to buy (seriously) to what shoes to wear. These mantras I have come to dismiss have meaning and when applied, not only keep our brains from going into overdrive, but maintain order in all aspects of our lives. In life and in fashion, simplicity is key to looking and feeling effortless and serene! xo A

Clean Slate

IMG_1493 IMG_1479

As people in recovery, we are actually fortunate to be able to do deep, introspective work on our selves, clean up any messiness from our pasts and present to the best of our ability, and gain new perspectives and attitudes moving forward. If we want them, we are (metaphorically) given tools to build solid foundations on which we can then structure our lives and relationships. For spring and summer, I am loving soft colored ensembles to add all sorts of accessories to, much like the clean slate I am building upon in life! xo A


IMG_1349 IMG_1350

I have shared often about how full my life has gotten in recovery, and it seems to get busier by the week. While it is amazingly satisfying packing so much into my days, I have to consciously take inventory of myself to ensure I’m not distracted from anything going on emotionally. Add to our hectic lives constant stimuli like Facebook (guilty) Instagram (guilty) Twitter (guilty) WordPress (ahem) and the like, and, even when we are alone, we aren’t truly alone. Today (though I maintain my social media like the next person) I choose to wear distractions in my ensembles like this perfect spring print, instead of live them! xo A


IMG_1266 IMG_1268

Let’s face it – in active addiction, we abused our bodies. From alcohol and/or drugs, to irregular sleep, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise – whatever plagued us, it is safe to assume self care wasn’t a priority in our lives. In recovery, while I think excessive pampering is unnecessary, covering the basics (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) is a good place to start. Being spiritually fit and maintaining healthy diet and sleep patterns are the foundation upon which I build my days…but when I can fit in a manicure or facial, even better! If we can, treating ourselves to something special when our minds, bodies and spirits are sound is deserved. And in a romantic bohemian crown (variations of these are everywhere in LA for festival season) we can not only treat ourselves like royalty but we can look it, too! xo A

One Year…and Counting!

Disclaimer: I am sensitive to the fact that this is not at all common at one year of sobriety or ever for that matter, but I am here to share my life and experience!

This past weekend marked one year of sobriety. I spent Saturday moving into my dream apartment, and I spent Sunday on the Red Carpet at the Oscars where nobody knew me or my milestone which is exactly what I wanted! While these “birthdays” are amazing and miraculous I still feel a little fraudulent being commended for living such a blessed, happy, joyous and free life!

About the Oscars…for inquiring minds I found out about two weeks before the ceremony that I was going and with my schedule had about two afternoons to find a dress. After agonizing over what would be work-appropriate, flattering, comfortable, but still beautiful, I had an aha moment when I realized maybe I was being a little self-centered (with all of those stars, nobody was looking at me anyway!) and if I’ve learned anything in this last year it’s that I can not obsess over me. After all, thinking about self is thought to be the root of our troubles! I settled on a simple backless chiffon with a beautiful pop of blue in my earrings, and enjoyed an unforgettable experience.

I can’t wait for many more milestones to come! Do you celebrate milestones in recovery? xo A


d1 d2

In my experience, some of the first things I lost sight of in active addiction were the feelings of purpose and direction. It was hard enough to get through a day, let alone work towards a goal or even have goals as sadly, addictions became my priorities and everything else fell by the wayside. In sobriety though, the sense of meaning is intense and has been a driving force in my recovery. In summery nautical stripes, gold accents, and a belief in something greater than ourselves as our compass, we can sail through life filled with purpose! xo A



Friday the 13th, full moons, broken mirrors, black cats – it is easy to fall victim to the anxiety these superstitions provoke when really, our troubles are usually of our own making. Most fear is mental poison for anyone but as long as our side of the street is clean, we can find serenity in walking freely through our lives – just do it in good shoes, and try to avoid the cracks! xo A



As the promises unfold in my life every day, I sit here feeling guilty that I haven’t kept my own promise of posting more in the new year. Life is full beyond what I would have been able to comprehend this time last year, even six months ago, and unfortunately my little blog is taking a backseat to work, moving, my own sobriety and helping other alcoholics. And the Oscars…I am working on the red carpet at the Oscars and I have no words (yet) except dresses (above) and grateful. The blog-makeover (blogover?) is happening and the posts will become more frequent so please bear with me. And did I mention how much I love everyone’s feedback? The online sober community is so supportive. Keep coming back! xo A